Rising Stars Awards Winner – Most Memorable Moment

Miller Redpath Memorial Award for Most Memorable Moment

This award in presented in memory of one of our founder members, Miller Redpath, who sadly died in 2013. Miller’s personality, unique singing voice and head-banging style of dancing are always the first things we remember when thinking of that initial show.

The Memorable Moment Award is given to a person or group of people involved in an event or incident which springs instantly to mind when recalling a production in the last 12 months. This could be on or off stage, during rehearsals or as part of a show.

AND THE WINNER IS….. Francesca for ‘The French Raspberry’

This award will not come as a surprise to anyone who was lucky enough to see a rehearsal for ‘Spamalot’. Francesca’s portrayal of the French Guard had us in stitches every week. From the voice, to the funny walk, to the mannerisms, to the infamous raspberry, Fran tweaked and developed the role each time to keep it fresh and funny. Our only regret is that due to Covid-19, an audience never got to enjoy her memorable performance and laugh as much as we did.

Thank you Fran for a marvellous memory.