Rising Stars Awards Winners – Most Improved Members

The first two awards are for the Most Improved Members.

It was very obvious to us right from the start that being in Rising Stars was more than just singing, dancing and putting on a show. We noticed that members grew in confidence, made new friends and developed all sorts of essential life skills, such as teamwork, interpersonal skills and management.

The Most Improved Member award is not given to the most talented cast member – although many of our previous winners have developed into great performers and taken principal roles. The award is given to the member who has shown the most improvement in some aspect of their performance skills or personality in the previous 12 months as a direct result of their involvement with Rising Stars.

There are two awards in this category – Under 13 Years & 13 years and over.

Most Improved Member – Under 13 years


When Emily joined Rising Stars last year, she was very shy and nervous and was most comfortable when melting into the background. Over the last 12 months, we have had great pleasure in watching her grow in both confidence and ability. She has become a confident performer with an assured stage presence and always happy to assist the younger members. Her enjoyment and commitment to rehearsals was self-evident – even attending choreography rehearsals on crutches.

Congratulations Emily. We look forward to seeing you perform in many more shows with us.

Most Improved Member – 13 years and over


Rose joined Rising Stars in 2015 and has always been a talented performer with a sunny personality. However, Rose would be the first to admit that she wasn’t always 100% focussed and sometimes had a little daydream during rehearsals. Over the last 12 months, we have noticed a massive change in Rose’s concentration and maturity. The effort that she put into learning particularly difficult dialogue and dance routines was phenomenal. Determined to get things right, she would frequently practice (and encourage others to rehearse with her) during the breaks. On top of all that, she is still a very talented performer and a delight to have in the Rising Stars family.

Congratulations Rose. A very worthy winner.